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Terms & Conditions

The rooms made available to our clients are priorly checked and considered functional and in a good state of maintenance. Clients should immediately report any problem to reception.


Article 1 : Reservations

Advance reservation and prior reservation acceptance by the hotel management are recommended. Through booking process future clients will pay a reservation fee or will be asked to provide a card number. The booking is considered as firm and definitive once agreed by both parties.


Article 2 : Modifications and cancellations

Clients should inform hotel management at least 48 hours in advance of any booking modification or cancellation. In case the hotel has not been informed, all sums will still be due. All commenced stays are payable according to the initial duration booked.


For bookings for 3 to 5 rooms, while customer has to confirm his reservation at least five days before his arrival. Failing to notify the customer within the time above, he shall pay as if he was staying. Any rental started is due in full. The arrival delays or early departures may in no circumstances give rise to a refund.


For bookings for 5 rooms or more, the date of confirmation depends of the period. It is imperative to contact us by e-mail or phone to propose you a reasonable date of cancellation.


Delays in arrivals or anticipated departures will not be refunded.


The rooms originally planned for three or four people are available upon request at the hotel for two people.


In the case of a reservation of a triple or family room for two people, the hotel reserves the right to relocate guests in the same room category provided for two.


Article 3

Any person wishing to book a stay at the Hôtel Des Messageries will have to give his/her identity and that of all accompanying persons.


Article 4

Clients are not allowed to take third parties into the hotel without prior knowledge and acceptance by the hotel management. Furthermore, in accordance with current legislation, clients are not allowed to book a room for more people than this room can actually host. Animals are not allowed without prior consent of hotel management.    


Article 5 : Payment

Payment is due on arrival. For longer stays, bills need to be paid on a weekly basis.


We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard.


You can also pay by checks, traveller’s checks or cash. In accordance with Article 2102 of French Civil Code, clients can’t oppose the management’s decision to retain their luggage if they refuse to pay.


A credit card number will be asked for guarantee.


Article 6 : Tourist tax

Tourist tax is not included in the booking price and is requested by the town authorities. It is payable on site. For 2017 this tax amounts to 1.43€ par person per night.


Article 7 : Room access

On arrival, unless otherwise agreed with the hotel management, clients are not allowed to occupy their room before 15 :00. One night booking ends at 11 :00 irrespective of arrival time. A luggage service is available at reception for clients wishing to leave their luggage with us. Clients should check the times of the various hotel services upon arrival.


Article 8 : Departure

When leaving the hotel, clients should hand over their room key to reception, otherwise, a € 170 provision will be charged as replacement costs of locks & keys. the same applies in case of loss of keys during the stay.

It is strictly forbidden to take away any object belonging to the Hôtel Des Messageries. Clients will send any object taken by mistake to the hotel management with prior information. Otherwise the missing object will be directly invoiced to clients.


Article 9 : Respecting the other hotel guests

Excessive noise, including during daytime, is strictly forbidden. Clients causing disorder or scandal of any kind can be evicted on the spot. In order to respect the hotel’s quietness, all noise should cease between 22:00 and 07:00.


Article 10 : Responsibilities

Children are under the full responsibility of their parents. The same applies to animals and their respective owners.


Article 11 : Restrictions

For security reasons and as a matter of respect, smoking is strictly forbidden in all parts of the hotel. According to French decree n°2006-1386 passed on November 15th, 2006 regarding smoking ban in public places, smoking on the premises of the Hôtel des Messageries will be fined 68€ and can lead to judicial proceedings. Any accidental onset of the fire alarm due to smoking will be invoiced 150€ as compensation for resetting the fire alarm system.


Likewise, cooking, having meals or drinks not provided by the hotel, and washing clothes inside your room are strictly forbidden.


Article 12 : Property damages

Clients should use their room with due diligence. Should a problem arise, clients will be rendered liable. In case of damage, the hotel is entitled to invoice clients for the cost of repair or replacement. The same applies to any damage noticed by hotel management after client’s departure. The amount for compensation will be taken on client’s credit card.


Article 13 : Claims

Any complain on the quality of services should be reported immediately by clients to hotel management.


Article 14 : Left objects

Objects left on the premises can be sold according to conditions stated in March 31st 1896 Law.


Article 15 : Acceptance of rules and regulations

These hotel rules and regulations apply to all bookings. Any stay implies the acceptance of the specific conditions as well as of the rules and regulations of the Hôtel Des Messageries. Non-respect of the above-specified provisions will immediately lead to termination of the present contract.


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